• Kjell E. D. Sommerseth


    Kjell Sommerseth has graduated as MSc with specialisation within Strategy. He har long experience from strategy development and execution, with particular foscus on the financial aspects. His experience includes Kistefos, Arkwright and Lawfirm Hjort.

  • Even Helliesen

    Partner, European Patent Attorney

    Even Helliesen is a Cand. Scient in Biology and has + 20 years of experience from patent and IPR industry.

    He is now working as a customer contact for new and old customers.

  • Biplab Kumar Datta

    Head - Patent & Innovation

    Biplab Datta (PhD) has nearly 30 years of experience in innovation strategy and technology development project management.

    He has experience in formulating applications for technology development funds from the NFR (SkatteFUNN, FORNY, Petromaks etc. programs), IFU, Commercialising funding from Innovation Norway and the EU 7 framework program eg. Marie Curie RTN projects. He also writes applications for EU H2020 program for clients.

  • Solvår Winnie Finnanger

    Head of legal department, Attorney-at-law

    Solvår Winnie has unique expertise in all aspects of strategy and assessments regarding the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, especially trademark and design, through her work experience from EUIPO, Patentstyret and KFIR.

  • Liv Charlotte Oppegaard


    Liv Charlotte has long experience from law firm and private sector, and assists our clients in business and strategic issues as well as in intellectual property rights.

  • Turid Oma

    Associate Attorney

    Turid has experience from the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO), and assists our clients with all aspects concerning protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

  • Vigfrid Næss

    Patent attorney

    Vigfrid Næss is Dr. Philos. In microbiology / immunochemistry and works especially with companies in the fields of life sciences, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food and health.

  • Carl Petter Nielsen

    Patent attorney

    Carl Petter is Cand. Scient. In physics and works especially in the fields of telecommunications, optics, aquaculture and mechanics.

  • Tommy Kaspar

    Advisor – Patent and Innovation

    Tommy holds a Ph.D. in natural science from the ETH Zurich/Switzerland and has additional education in intellectual property management from the University of Applied Science in Jena/Germany. He has himself been an inventor on some patent applications. You can discuss all topics with him - scientifically and non-scientifically based. Nonetheless he is specialized and has several years’ industrial experience in

    -  glass and ceramic materials / (further)processing

    -  carbon / graphene / graphite based materials / (further)processing

    -  energy storage materials / devices

    -  polymer (PE, PA) materials / (further)processing in textile and automotive industry

    -  (refractory) metal materials / processing.

  • Simen Svare Kristoffersen

    Advisor – Patent and Innovation

    Simen has a Master degree in Marine Technology from NTNU and has previously worked at the Patent Office as senior engineer.

    Simen works with marine technology, renewable energy, mechanical & electrical industry and automation.

    In addition to being a patent adviser, he also has a burning commitment in innovation and concept development.

  • Andreas Haffner

    European Patent Attorney -Consultant

    Andreas took his engineering education from Germany. He has been working with patents since 2003. He works in the fields of information and communication technology, electrical and electronics, mechanical engineering etc.

  • Ruth Sørum

    Coordinator for IP administrator

  • Ida Elizabeth Knudtzon

    Patent administrator

    Ida E. Knudtzon has extensive experience in dealing with administrative work related to patent cases in Norway and abroad.

  • Hilde Viik


    Hilde has extensive experience in handling administrative work related to patent, trademark and design cases in Norway and abroad. She works in particular with renewals and assignment of rights, name changes and licensing.

  • Tonje Thorvaldsen

    Patent administrator

    Ton Thorvaldsen works in particular with annual fees for patents. This involves maintenance and follow-up of deadlines, payment of annual fees and contact with customers, agents and authorities in Norway and abroad.

  • Hege Brunvatne


    Hege Brunvatne is responsible for the company's accounting and payroll work.

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