Test your idea confidentially?

Our advisors have long experience from law, finance and technology development from different industries. We sit down with you to understand your new idea. We consider opportunities and advice on how to address issues / opportunities.

Innovation consulting

We can:
- Prepare applications for public financing.
- be a professional partner.
- participate in innovation processes.
- lead / coordinate innovation projects

Strategic advice

Are you sure about the business strategy? Or, do you have a clear idea of the way ahead and want a second opinion? We can be your confidential conversation partner and adviser.

Market analysis

What do you know about your potential customers? Do you know how to proceed to win the market? Do you know your competitors profile? We can support you in finding out.


Tandberg Innovation has a very complex knowledge and experience base. We work together with our partners to ensure optimisation of the deliveries to you as a customer.


Tandberg Innovation can help to formulate your applications for securing grants from public funding and also assist in seeking private funding. We support you on the way further with product development and commercialization.

We support you going further with business / technology development and commercialization