About the patent

A patent is a sole right to refuse others to exploit the invention for business purposes. The patent system is based on the applicant's description of the invention sufficiently well so that anyone with knowledge in the same subject area is able to understand the invention.

What to think about before applying for a patent

You should find out if the invention is basically patentable. The invention must be new, i.e not published anywhere in the world - nor by yourself - before your application has been submitted.

Patent insurance

Tandbergs initiated the establishment of the first Norwegian IP insurance / patent insurance in Norway in cooperation with Willis AS. The insurance is a so-called legal help insurance and covers significant risk areas.

Purchase and sale of IP rights

There are a number of alternatives when the values of intellectual property rights are to be realized. Many use the rights to develop their own business, while some may consider the sale / purchase of rights. We can help you in this analysis and decision.

Conflict management

We assist you in connection with your possible IPR conflicts - including patent, trademark, design and copyright.

We help you safeguard your rights