A trademark is a name or logo that separates your goods and services from others, and can represent very high values. Are you confident that your business has done what is possible to safeguard its rights, or will others be able to use the same or similar brands?

Application & registration

Let us in Tandberg assist you in clarifying how to safeguard the significant values of protection and management of trademarks and domain names. Our strength is high competence and long experience both nationally and internationally.

Legal assistance in conflict situations

We also help our customers solve problems and conflicts in relation to intellectual property rights.


A dispute can occur on many levels, for example, if someone violates your rights or your company will claim that another's trademark is invalid. Do you defend your rights?


We assist at all levels, from the first contact with the opponent or the Patent Office, to appeal / litigation at KFIR / courts. Our advisors have long experience from a. o. the Patent Office, KFIR and EUIPO.

We help you to take care of Your IP rights