From time to time, most business players will experience disputes and other issues that require legal expertise.

Avoid difficulties

Good deals and contracts can be crucial in reaching the goal of getting business out of the initial idea. Well formulated agreements are often the foundation for securing ownership and business exploitation, research and development, as well as licenses and technology / business transfers. We can assist you in defining the need, and assisting in the design and negotiation of such agreements.


To make sure that no-one else copies or steals the IP rights is equally important as the strategy for protecting IP rights . Do monitor that this does not happen?


You have invested in the development and protection of your new product, hence it is important that you also take care that no one imitates this. We can assist with both the monitoring and handling of everything from letter of notice to legal action.

Expiration date

Some exclusions are time-limited, such as patent and design – how do you organise?

Our lawyers have long experience in IPR related conflict management